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Mediation and Arbitration Information



The vast majority of legal cases settle.  Sometimes these settlements are informal and other cases are resolved through formal or court-ordered mediation.  Mediation can be helpful in resolving some, if not all of the issues in the case, or in focusing the issues for a later trial even if a final settlement is not reached at the mediation.  A mediation is a conference which is led by an educated neutral person, oftentimes this person is a lawyer with no other connection to the case.  Settlements at mediation are voluntary and parties are not compelled to settle a case at mediation.  Proper preparation for the mediation and the willingness to litigate a case to trial and beyond, if necessary, are keys to better outcomes at mediation.


Arbitration is a procedure through which a trained and certified arbitrator makes a final and binding decision in a case.  There is the possibility of objecting to arbitration or appealing the arbitrator’s decision.  However, clients should understand that arbitration is binding, unlike mediation which is not binding unless a settlement is reached.  It is important to fully prepare for arbitration as you would for a trial before a Judge.

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